Naga Chili Seeds 10 +pcs


Soak chili seeds in warm/normal water overnight before planting
The best results for germination takes place between the temperature range of around 22C to 29C
For better success rate use one time use disposable cups/seedling tray/jiffy pellets
You can use potting soil/Coco-Dust
Use 1-3 seeds per cup
Do not sow the seeds very deep. Gently sprinkle light soil/coco-dust above the seeds.
Lightly water with spray bottle and make sure the soil remains moist (not wet) until germination. Excess water might disrupt germination.
Chili seeds require light to germinate, so you can keep the pots beside a window (but make sure to protect it from direct scorching heat of sunlight).
It can take up to 25 to 28 days for the seeds to sprout, so be patient !

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