Hay or grass cutting hand machine – Gardening Tools


Farm equipmentRespected farmer brothers, I would like to inform you that for those of you who are newly rearing two cows or goats, it is not possible for you to buy a hay cutting machine for 20000-30000 rupees, we have brought a manual hay cutting machine (Jati). Hand Machine (Jati) For you we have made steel by skilled craftsmen for cutting hay and grass. It is as strong as it is durable. It does not need to be sharpened again and again and because of the high blade it works for a long time with less power. List of products supplied by us: 1) Hay or grass cutter Menyal caste 2) Chopped hay 3) Lentil husk 4) Mung dal husk 5) Lentil rejection 6) Mung rejection We do cash on delivery and you can pay on receipt of goods by courier service.
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