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Seeds of Pepino “Melon pear” or “Sweet cucumber”
There are 5 seeds inside
Pepino (lat. Solanum muricatum) is an evergreen shrub of the nightshade family, originating from South America, grown for its edible sweet fruit color and flavor tastes like a mixture of melon, cucumber, pumpkin or even pear aroma. The most widely cultivated in Peru, Chile and New Zealand. Pepino is irly new vegetable crop for Ukraine. As a perennial plant grown in greenhouses.
Pepino is a perennial plant, which is a branched semilignified shrub, up to five feet with delicious and fragrant fruits. Pepino is grown in central heated greenhouses or as a house plant (on the windowsill in the conservatory).
Pepino fruit is very diverse and different in size, shape, color and quality.
Some of fruit have exotic color: bright yellow background with purple jagged strokes. The pulp of the ripe fruit is yellow or colorless.
Taste is sweet and sour, very juicy, since 92% of the water.
Pepino is rich in vitamin C keratin, iron and pectin, plenty of vitamins A, B1, B2 and PP.
Flowers of new vegetable culture are similar to potato. Stem and leaves are like pepper ones.

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