GEO Bag_ 2 Gallon Siz 7” x 8″ (300 gsm)


Aternative to tin or plastic, eco-friendly and durable GEO fabric bag or pot is gaining extreme popularity day by day. Features of our marketed GEO Fabric Bag or Pot:
Size : 02 Gallon, ( 7” x 8″ )
Soil holding capacity : 7.6 kg
Environmentally friendly.
Beautiful bags in different colors.
An alternative to tin and plastic tubs, which do not break down easily in water.
Adequate ventilation.
Due to the extra water drainage system, water does not accumulate at the base of the tree.
As water does not accumulate at the base of the tree, there is no fear of Aedes mosquito breeding.
Can be easily changed and transferred.
Suitable for modern and sustainable roof garden.

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