Dragon Fruit Live Plant – 05 pcs Red Dragon Plant With Root (8-12 inch Plant))


Live plant of dragon flower
Seedling size: 08-12+ inches
Propagation of seedlings from cuttings of fully mature pulses.
Can bear fruit in 3/4 months after planting in proper environment and care.
The color of the fruit is red and red inside is delicious to eat.
Seedlings will be lifted from the ground and given with roots.
You will get 1 dal seedling, seedling sample picture is given.
Since each sapling is different in size and shape, it is not possible to tell the exact size or shape
But you can guess by looking at the sample picture of the chara in the description.
See the description for more plant precautions and planting information before ordering.
Message me if you have any questions or concerns

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